Behind the Beans

May 11, 2018

This month, Behind the Beans features Emily! She has been with ABeanToGo for three and a half years, working alongside her brother, Dan, in our Goodrich location. Emily got married to her sweetheart, Josh, shortly before she joined our team. One of her most prized treasures is her kitty, Boone! He's a Siberian Forest Cat and is seven months old. As you can see in her picture, Boone is a big part of the family.

Outside of coffee, Emily enjoys searching out fun and healthy things to eat. You can always catch her with some kind of new and trendy snack. She enjoys getting outside and walking; spending time with her family is huge! Emily and her hubby enjoy spending quality time with friends over a game of Settlers of Catan. 

Her favorite drink at the shop is a Brazilian or Guatemalan coffee and she enjoys working at ABeanToGo because of the relationships with customers. She told me that the environment at the coffee shop is great for keeping up on what our customers are up to and praying for them. Emily is a joy and, when you enter the door, you will hear her sweet welcome. As you leave, she will always tell you, "Oh, have a great day!" Thank you, Emily, for being part of the ABeanToGo family!