April 05, 2018

Meet Dan, Dan the Roaster Man! Dan has been with ABeanToGo for four and a half years! Five months into his employment, the owner, Kirk, began training Dan how to roast our prized coffee beans and he’s been roasting ever since. He takes great pride in the beans, “cupping”, or taste testing, to find the unique notes in each bean he roasts. Next year Dan and Kirk will be attending an advanced roasting class at Diedrich to hone in on their craft! When Dan isn’t roasting, he’s greeting customers, doing pour-overs, crafting drinks with latte’ art, and making you feel at home in our Goodrich shop location.


Outside of coffee, Dan enjoys (and when we say enjoys we mean ENJOYS) hunting and fishing. One of Dan’s hobbies is taxidermy, which we find quite intriguing, along with playing keys and a little bit of guitar!


Dan married his sweetheart two and half years ago and, to add to that excitement, this year they have a baby due in July! They purchased their first home and are quite busy these days between decorating and waiting for their sweet little girl to arrive.


Dan, we couldn’t be happier to have you as part of our ABeanToGo family and are excited for everything that is to come!