Behind The Beans

August 01, 2018

Meet Kaitlyn, who has been with the Goodrich team for almost two years. Kaitlyn enjoys hiking, drawing, and painting for her family on special occasions. She shares the afternoon shift with her sister, Cameron. Kaitlyn attends Davison Free Methodist Church and has enjoyed doing landscaping for Whaley's Childrens Center. Donating to charities when she has the opportunity is one of her favorite things to do, specifically toward the malaria issue in Africa. She enjoys being outside as much as possible, on the lake or hiking in the woods with her dog, Stella, who is four years old. Kailyns favorite drink is our Bourbon Blizzard cold brew (only available from October until January). She enjoys having relationships with our customers and especially enjoys Saturdays "usuals". We enjoy having Kaitlyn on our team...she's always smiling!