Master Roasted. Never Burnt.

Humble Beginnings

From a young age I had a distinct love for coffee, as well as what seemed like a gift to distinguish between tasting notes of single origin coffees. I knew that one day I would be able to use that gift to do what I loved. After several years of observing the corruption in corporate America I set my mind on owning and operating a business that would strive for originality and inclusion. What better way to  bring people of all tastes and beliefs together than a fresh roasted cup of coffee?


After smoking my family out of our home in Goodrich with each new roast, we quickly realized the newly formed, Shadrach, Meshach & ABeanToGo Coffee Roasters would need a home of its own. A few years, piles of paperwork, several moves, and many beans later my wife and I found our roast house only a few minutes from where we first began. This location has served as our roast house for over 14 years.


Our roasthouse provided us the space and ability to offer wholesale coffee to grocery stores and restaurants, and eventually, after so many people knocking on our door and asking for a cup; we opened up our doors for retail. After roasting and selling hundreds of thousands of beans we opened up our second location in beautiful downtown Lake Orion, MI where we do live music, private dinner parties, and provide a friendly space for college students and families alike.


It is our hope to truly engage with the communities we have been blessed to be a part of, and to offer our product and space to those who need it. With your help, we will continue in striving to be who we are, not a carbon copy of large chains and corporations, not a facade with a fancy motto and a secret recipe, but a business with integrity, with an atmosphere for all to enjoy, and a product for everyone to love.

Our Process

BIRTH: Tremendous care is given in choosing our beans from the finest plantations across the globe.

FIRE: Our beans are evenly roasted in our infrared roasting system, ensuring the beans will never be burnt.

MATURITY: You are now receiving the ultimate in freshness and quality that you deserve in a fine cup of coffee.

Our Space